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"Recounting part of the epic Ramayana, Ms. Subramanian shifted among a large cast of characters, male and female, and an array of emotions, with virtuosic clarity. Her representation of the lascivious demoness Surpanakha was deliciously exaggerated, but in a subsequent piece, her portrayal of the love between Radha and Krishna had the internal glow of felt emotion." - New York Times

"Her second dance, "Sakhi he", was danced to a 12th century poem about the love between the god Kirshna and Radha.  Her movements were suffused with a sensuous longing, both earthly and eternal; I could have watched her for hours.
Devi, the divine goddess, inspired her final dance; the introduction explained that she was the greatest beauty of all.  Subramanian certainly could embody the beauty, but she also showed power and control." - Dance View Times

The varnam, the acid test for Bharatanatyam dancers,was gracefully characterised by her fluid movements, well sustained with aesthetic and charishmatic appeal. Her laya techniques found winsome expression through captivating theermanams executed with skill and intution. This widely travelled and vibrant performer has it in her to march forward progressively in the days to come. - Indian Express

A heart warming, impressive recital of Vidya Subramaniam Sridhar, prsealed her as a refined artiste and a charming, bright star in the existing network of dancers who are climbing up the senior level with quality and genuine skill. - The Hindu

The varnam in Nattakkuranji in the taut lines of the dance and the savoured abhinaya treated one to the complete dancer. The nrtta never flagged in maintaining the physical contours of Bharatanatyam profile. But nothing could beat the aching sweetness of love in the Ashtapadi. The unhurried treatment and the total internalisation of emotive energy owed much to the dancer. - The Hindu

Vidhya Sridhar, a noted name in the classical dancing world, once again gave a stunning display of her mastery of Bharatanatyam dance form. Vidhya's vibrant execution of jathis and intermingled bhavas made her performance a sheer delight. - India Post, California

Evidence of the cumulative resources and commitment to the ideals of high aesthetics, which are the hallmark of the Vazhuvur tradition, was aplenty in the beautiful Bharatanatyam recital of Vidhya Sridhar. Her dance was a powerful and sustained love-pact between the dancer and her material'.- Indian Express

Vidhya was beautiful and her dancing too was beautiful because she let lasya rule her performance. - The Hindu, Madras

The rich grace in 'adavus' and striking sense of the aesthetic made her recital memorable. The concluding 'Tilang Tillana' of Lalgudi Jayaraman in a medium tempo was an enchanting finale. - Times of India, Bombay

Blessed with an entrancing stage presence, she has the most telling eyes, long-fingered articulate hands, slender-waisted excellent proportions and a very pleasant expression. Vidhya's performance was characterized by grace and a fine grasp over the mathematics of rhythm. - Patriot, Delhi

She has equal felicity in abhinaya as in nritta as was evident in the interpretation of the Pantuvarali piece "Netru Varenendru". But Kanakadasa's composition "Baro Krishnayya" stood out as the best part of her exposition. - The Hindu, Madras

Vidhya is full of promise and dances with grace and elegance. Her performances were deeply appreciated by the international audience. - Prof. Nurul Hassan, Past Indian Ambassador to Russia, after the World Youth Festival in Moscow

Vidhya's dance brightened the occasion. Within seconds of her entering the stage, she convinced the connoisseur that her talent belongs to the uncommon category. She went through the highly stylized movements of Bharatanatyam with a delicate touch of artistry that made them all look easy and natural. - The Hindu, Madras

She gave a brilliant interpretation to the Useni Varnam. Fleet-footed and confident of rhythm, and with her expertise in abhinaya, she impressed. - Subbudu, Indian Express, Madras

It seemed as if an Apsara had descended from the heavens and brought down with her the magnificence of Bharatanatyam from the gods to the delight of humans. - Nation, Nairobi